• Backwards incompatible The name field of the Tag model is now marked as unique. You should update your database schema using ALTER TABLE taggit_tag ADD UNIQUE (name).




  • Added a Hebrew locale.
  • Added an index on the object_id field of TaggedItem.
  • When displaying tags always join them with commas, never spaces.
  • The docs are now available online.
  • Custom Tag models are now allowed.
  • Backwards incompatible Filtering on tags is no longer filter(tags__in=["foo"]), it is written filter(tags__name__in=["foo"]).
  • Added a German locale.
  • Added a Dutch locale.
  • Removed taggit.contrib.suggest, it now lives in an external application, see External Applications for more information.


  • Fixed querying for objects using exclude(tags__in=tags).
  • Marked strings as translatable.
    • Added a Russian translation.
  • Created a mailing list.
  • Smarter tagstring parsing for form field; ported from Jonathan Buchanan’s django-tagging. Now supports tags containing commas. See Tags in forms for details.
  • Switched to using savepoints around the slug generation for tags. This ensures that it works fine on databases (such as Postgres) which dirty a transaction with an IntegrityError.
  • Added Python 2.4 compatibility.
  • Added Django 1.1 compatibility.

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